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I am Sammy and I own Barebodies Waxing.

I am passionate about providing a relaxed atmosphere in my home salon to all of my customers.
It is paramount that my clients feel safe, calm and relaxed whilst having a Waxing treatment.
There is very little that will shock me or embarrass me, over the years I will have seen much hairier people than you.

Our Mission

At Bare Bodies, I strive to make waxing a very comfortable, pain-free and skin-safe affair. I will ensure you receive the best treatment possible using a combination of Perron Rigot waxes. For intimate waxing, such as Hollywood, Bikini, Brazilian and Male waxing, I only ever use hot wax.
The hot wax shrink wraps itself around the hair without sticking to the skin, thus making it a much more gentle and effective way of hair removal. Once you have experienced intimate waxing with hot wax, you will never go back to strip waxing again.
Some therapists use strip wax for intimate waxing. But I personally consider using strip wax for intimate areas an unnecessarily painful way of hair removal. Perron Rigot hot wax is expensive but gives a gentle and more effective treatment.

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